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I know what I have to do

But I don't know if I have the strength to do it.

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Name:ĸylo ren
Birthdate:Jan 13


He means nothing to me.
By the grace of your training, I will not be seduced.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Nwûl tash. Dzwol shâsotkun.

Through passion, I gain strength.
Shâsotjontû châtsatul nu tyûk.

Through strength, I gain power.
Tyûkjontû châtsatul nu midwan.

Through power, I gain victory.
Midwanjontû châtsatul nu asha.

Through victory, my chains are broken.
Ashajontû kotswinot itsu nuyak.

The Force shall free me.
Wonoksh Qyâsik nun.

The Sith Code - Qotsisajak
"Torn Apart" by John Williams

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